405th Bomb Squadron Short Snorter
Netherlands-Indies 50 Cent Note - Series 1943 - Serial # FA055097 -  Submitted by James B. Thoren on Sept. 15, 2009.
Came from a member of the 405th Bomb Squadron which was one of the two oldest squadrons of the 38th Bomb Group.
Inscribed "BORNEO BEACHHEADERS DEC 30 '44 - JAN 1 '45".
  Looking for more information regarding the names on this note.

DEC 30 '44 - JAN 1 '45

David J. Grimm


James V. Wallace

Edwin George

Merle L. Murphy

William J. Smith

Rupert E. Blackwood

James H. C. Ingram

Reginald Lansdown

Chris H. Strain

Robert Cohn

Arnold H. Lauer
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