John W. "Wild Bill" Crump Short Snorter
The Short Snorter Project
John W. "Wild Bill" Crump flew P-40, P-47, and P-51
fighters in WWII, served in the US Air Force for 23
years, and became an air show performer after his
retirement. Bill had a coyote for a  mascot named
"Jeep N.M.I. Coyote" which actually accompanied him
on 5 combat missions. His son, Bob, has setup a very
web site dedicated to his father, Bill Crump.
When asked if his father had a short snorter, Bob
wrote, "I checked and I did find one short snorter my
Dad had given me. I really did not know what it was
until I visited your site.  Good job!  It is a one dollar
bill, series 1935A. It has several WWII era signatures
on it, some of which I can't make out.  One of the
signers is Bob Hope. The signature matches the one
on a photo on my Dad's website.  Another signature
is from one of the pilots with whom he practiced dog
fights in his P-51.  I have his WWII log book and I can
confirm that fact."
Bill Crump short snorter - US One Dollar Silver Certificate front
Wild Bill Crump and his mascot Jeep N.M.I. Coyote
Bill Crump short snorter - US One Dollar Silver Certificate back
The back of Wild Bill Crump's short snorter is signed by Thelma Lee and Curley Ragins.
Wild Bill Crump's well worn short snorter is a U. S. one dollar silver certificate - series 1935A - serial # D61349832C.
Bill Crump short snorter - US One Dollar Silver Certificate back vert

Bob Hope

UNIDENTIFIED - possibly a
USO performer...

James B. Reidy

Bob Reed

Mike Yannell - P-51 pilot
(Captain) whom Wild Bill
practiced dog fights with
in England.
Wild Bill Crump with his P-51 named "Jackie". Note the coyote insignia on the side of his plane. (Courtesy Bob Crump)
Added December, 12, 2010...
Wild Bill's son, Bob Crump, writes, "I came across another short snorter that belonged to my dad, Wild Bill Crump.  I
found this one inside an authentic German beer stein that my parents had given me several years ago which I put into
storage. The short snorter is a British one pound note with signatures of the 360th Squadron, 356th Fighter Group that
were stationed at Martlesham Heath, England 1944-1945.  There are 39 signatures on the note.  I have identified 30 of
360th Squadron, 356th Fighter Group, England, 1944-1945.
Wild Bill's English Short Snorter is mostly signed by pilots of the 360th Fighter Squadron, 356th Fighter Group, stationed
at RAF Martlesham Heath Airfield, Ipswich, England.  The 356th was known as the 'Hard Luck" Fighter Group. Despite
excellent leadership, the 356th had the highest ratio of loses to enemy aircraft claims of all 8th Air Force fighter groups.
Michael P. Yannell

Dale T. Quigley

Louis  R. Switzer

Theodore J. Urban

Ray Burwell

Bob Gleason

Preston W. Easley

William K. Dunn

Wayne C. Gatlin

Nunzio B. Ceraolo

John C. Pidwell

John W. Carlisle

Ernest W. Corner

Thomas M. Casey
(Signed perpendicular, Lt.
Casey was a B-17 pilot with
the 486th Bomber Group.)

William G. Thomas


Capt. Bill Crump

George H. Schalck

Robert P. Schmidt

R. M. Kinney

J. Horner?

E. W. Schrull

J. A. Hickey

W. C. Boucek

J. E. Stanick

J. P. Weller

B. D. McNary

T. A. Cook

A. M. Baker

C. S.  Poppell

R. J. Shea

T. B. Proctorp?

J. F. Stevenson

R. D. Schmalz

G. W.Seanor

J. Remenicky Jr.

J. Cluss?

L. Mauldin

Don Jones