Frank J. Nugent Short Snorter
The Short Snorter Project
Frank J. Nugent worked in upper management at Rheem Manufacturing from 1943 until 1948 (V.P. Sales). His son, Gary,
recently found his short snorter and writes, " Rheem was making items for the military and the war effort. They supplied
the military with steel drums, ordinance, and even constructed a Liberty ship by the name of the “William Coddington”.
In 1944, Rheem bought Piatt-LePage Aircraft Co. of Pennsylvania which manufactured helicopters. I believe this would
have been about the time that his short snorter was created.  My brother has told me that during that time we had
frequent “military heavies” over for dinner on a weekly basis.  Our family lived in Baltimore, Chevy Chase, and
Mt. Vernon, NY.  The family  even spent a few months staying with  a distant relative, Admiral Bart Hogan (who later  
became  U. S. Navy Surgeon General). My dad had a Top Secret status which I imagine was because of his work with the
military. I know he was involved with some Top Secret project because when my brother joined the army he was sent to
Germany , but was not allowed to go near Berlin because of my father’s security clearance. Hope this adds some
interest to the website."
Frank J. Nugent