Virtual Museum                                       Banknote: Ireland 1 pound - Posted: 10.18.07
The Short Snorter Project
Ireland 1 pound note from the "Lady Lavery" 5-10-39 series. Serial #: 36L075676.       Courtesy of Gary Schulze.
Signed by Col. George S. Clarke (last officer to leave Bataan), General Omar Bradley, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Eleanor
Roosevelt, Stephen Early, W. A. Julian, Owen Dixon, Frank Know, Harry Burcher, and others known as "Short Snorters."

W.A. Julian, Treasurer of
the United States

General Omar N. Bradley

Stephen Early, Press
Secretary to FDR

Owen Dixon, Australian
Ambassador to the U.S.

Frank Knox, Secretary of the
                         Navy under FDR
Bill McEvoy (?)

Harry Butcher, Captain, USN,
Aide to Eisenhower

Oliver Willets

W.W. Belsher, Colonel A.C.


James A. Jacobsen , Special
Assistant to Director of War
Production Board.

A.H. La_______(?)

George S. Clarke, last U.S.
Officer to leave Bataan.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Almon E. Roth, Stamford
University Comptroller

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Walter A.Koenig (?)

Hal Blackburne, Co-Pilot, FDR's
Flight to Casablance (
also on the
Harry Hopkins Short Snorter)

The rest are undecipherable