John C. Dunbar Short Snorter
The Short Snorter Project
John C. Dunbar served his country as an Army Air Corps fighter pilot with the 39th Fighter Squadron in New Guinea
during World War 2. He flew his first missions in a P-38 Lightning and was later equipped with a P-47 Thunderbolt. He
was later an engineering test pilot for the U.S Air Force during the Korean War, then worked for American Overseas
Airlines, then spent 30 years with MIT and Draper Labs.  John wrote on October 20, 2009, "Thought I could send in a little
info.  #37 was my assigned plane for most of my 151 missions.  Number was on nose and tail.  My first #37 crashed with
Ham Laing pilot on 9/2/43 about 110 miles northwest of Port Moresby.  It was recovered 30 or 40 years later and shipped
to Sydney for restoration but that hasn’t happened.  My next assigned P-38 was shot up over Rabaul with Al Quinones as
pilot about 11/3/43.  Al bailed out and was POW for remainder of war.  As for short snorter, I have 112 names on mine,
among them are Andrews, Smith, McClure, Randall, Thompson, Clymer, Lane, Hess, Haigler, Faurot, Parker, Douglas,
Lynch, Legg, Wahl, Bean, Rauch, Sullivan, David, Green,
King, Shipley, Stanch, Rogers, Price, Jones, Gallup, Cella, Kish,
Horn, Shifflet, Prentice, Tansing, Duncan, Forest, Morgan, Peregoy, Ehlinger, Grice, Royal, etc, etc.  Sad to look back and
note how many are gone.    -  John Dunbar".
A short biography of Mr. Dunbar can be found at Pacific Wrecks web site.