Louis H. Yelland, Jr. (1918-2001) graduated from
Lowell Institute in 1941.  He enlisted in the Army
Air Corps in October of 1942 and was trained as
a pilot at Columbus Army Air Field. He served
overseas in the Pacific Theater from December
1944 to October 1945 as a B-24 pilot with the
72nd Bomb Squadron of the 13th Air Force's 5th
Bomb Group. His grandson, Michael Black of
Valdosta, GA, sent in the scans of his snorter
and some wartime photos... "Last week, my
coworker and I were talking about our
grandfather's short snorters.  I looked on the
Internet and found your great website and
examples.  I printed copies of my grandfather's
snorter and gave them to my mother and her
sister on Thanksgiving day.  Both of them said
that they thought his snorter had been stolen
(or lost).  I laughed and told them their father
gave it to me when I was an early teenager, and
I have had it for many years.  All my grandfather
told me about it was that he carried it with him
on all his bombing missions.  I never
understood the significance or history until I
read the article on your website. I don't know
anything else about the short snorter."
Louis H. Yelland, Jr., Short Snorter
The Short Snorter Project
Crew photo outside of a B-24 Liberator bomber. Louis Yelland  is in the second row on the right.
Louis Yelland  is standing to the left in this photo.