Robert Clydesdale, Jr., Short Snorter
The Short Snorter Project
"Shortsnorter - Guadalcanal
to Guam    3 Sept 44"

H R Danielski

Jack A Lace

J. J. Dra??

R. C. Red??

S. C. Opinsky

Raymond I Brady

??? Illegible ???

E. L. Dickinson

R. A. Chaplin

Chuck Patton

J. F. M????

Joseph F. Mullane
Bob Clydesdale sent in this snorter which belonged to his father, Captain Robert Clydesdale, Jr., USMC (Ret), who
passed away in the summer of 2008. The attached note was given to Bob by his mother on the day of the funeral. He had
never heard of this short snorter note but typed in “short snorter” on the internet and this site came up. He learned the
history and used this note in his father's eulogy to explain how his father was a Marine in the Pacific Campaign, joining
after Pearl Harbor and serving from Guadalcanal to Guam before returning in 1944 to Parris Island to marry Bob's
mother. Bob thought the side notes in his father's handwriting were unique showing each island in the order where he
served until departing for the mainland from Pearl Harbor in September 1944. The names on the reverse side of this five
yen note were his Marine buddies in the First Marine Division. Not sure what “Emirau to Guam 1000 mi” means except
Emirau Island was a Marine airbase in New Guinea and Guam was a island base in Central Pacific. Maybe his final
flight was 1000 miles to Guam? Guadalcanal is further south and was the first land battle of the war for the Marines.