Thomas O. Pierce Short Snorter
The Short Snorter Project
Thomas O. Pierce flew 59 combat missions in North Africa, Sicily, Italy,
and Greece during World War 2 as a U.S. Army Air Corps pilot of a B-25
Mitchell bomber with the
12th Army Air Force, 57th Bomb Wing, 340th
Bomb Group, 488th Bomb Squadron.

Thomas Pierce was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for leading
mission on the Kalamaki Aerodrome in Greece.  It was supposed to
be a 100 plane mission lead by a Colonel from another squadron.  The
50 plane section led by the Colonel missed the rendezvous and the two
senior officers in his flight turned back due to mechanical problems
leaving Thomas Pierce to lead the mission.
Photos of the Kalamaki Aerodrome bombing mission are below.

Thomas Pierce also had a hobby of photographing nose art and those
rare, unpublished photographs can be reached by clicking this link...

Thomas Pierce went on to fly transports in the Pacific Theatre ferrying
supplies and troops over and wounded back (click to see photos). His
last missions were into Tokyo flying out Prisoners-of-War (POWs).    

Thomas Pierce's short snorter and the photos posted on this site were
made available by his son-in-law, Bob Chadwell (an ex-Naval Aviator,
who also has a short snorter from the Vietnam War era). Thanks Bob!
Thomas O. Pierce Short Snorter - U.S. One Dollar Silver Certificate - Series 1935A - Serial # A90116222C

T/SGT. Mario Vuotto   N.Y.C.

S/SGT. P. A. Vargas (Radio/Mech)

S/SGT. J. G. Griffin (Gunner)

Capt. W. D. C????

Robert F. Cummings, Jr

Charles G. Kneivel

Sam Pryor

J. B. Bean

Homer B. Howard

Alfred J. Sanviti (Navigator)
B-25 bomber taking off for Messina Straits target - August 1943
B-25 bomber "THE FALCON" - 8V - #130111. Note the number of bombing missions painted under the cockpit window.
Gassing up in the early morning hours.
B-25 bomber "JO-JO" - 8S
B-25 bomber - 8L
B-25 bomber "DUMBO" flying over the Mediterranean Sea
B-25 bomber amid 88mm flak bursts
"THE FALCON" just avoids an 88mm flak bursts
B-25 "THE GRAYLING" - 8T - #264568 - 88mm flak bursts
B-25 8C just avoids 88mm flak bursts
View of flak behind
B-25 hit by flak is in flames. Watching for parachutes."8 H" in flames while on mission over Anzio beach-head.
B-25 dropping frag clusters over Guidonia Aerodrome, Italy.
View of Kalamaki Aerodrome, Athens, Greece, before B-25 bombing run on November 15, 1943.
Close-up view of target after B-25 bombing run. Note damage to the building just right of the runway. Mission accomplished.
Taking in some of the sights on the way home. An ancient coliseum (left) and the cinder cone of Mt. Vesuvius (right).
Home airfield in view. Note how the parking spots are laid out to minimize damage in case of an enemy strike.
Debriefing after the mission at Pompeii Landing Ground. Captain Thomas Pierce is holding the bottle.
It was common to have a snort (a shot of whiskey) after the mission to calm the nerves.
Painting another bomb on the "RITA LA VONNE" signifying another completed bombing mission for this B-25.