Vernon Odell Stanley Short Snorter
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Submitted by Stan Wellford who writes, "I was given my uncle’s shortsnorter many years ago.  My uncle, Lieutenant
Vernon Odell Stanley, died in WWII over the North Atlantic in 1943.  He was stationed at the naval base in Argentia,
Newfoundland, during the war.  My grandmother (who gave me the snorter) said that he was flying over the North Pole
on November 4, 1942, and that is when the snorter originated. Looking at the snorter, I can read out the names of Capt.
Ted Feisner and W. F. Jennings but the other five names I can not determine. I do not know anything about his crew.
When you look at his photo, I still have his Roanoke College class ring of 1938 and also his wings. I was named after him
(Vernon Stanley Wellford) when I was born. It was great that I ran across your website via Coin World Magazine.  I hope
this helps with your data base.  Good luck and thanks." (Check out the photo below and list of personal effects!)
Vernon Odell Stanley, USNR
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List of the belongings and personal effects belonging to Vernon Odell Stanley at the time of his untimely death.

C. A. Ruppreckt

R. T. Doyle

James L. Atkins, Jr.
                       Capt. A. C.

? ? English

H. F. Morrelli

Capt. Ted Feisner U. S. A.