Join The Short Snorter Club and connect with history!

While they last, we have a limited supply of genuine,
pre-WWII, U. S. Silver Certificates (Series 1935)
available for purchase that you can use to start
your own short snorter. These are in fine condition.

Price is just $5.00 each plus $1.95 shipping & handling.
Comes in a clear protective sleeve.

If you have any questions or need a larger quantity
please send an email to

I accept check, money order, or PayPal
Send payment to:
The Short Snorter Club
13423-22nd Ave. S.E.
Mill Creek, WA. 98012
The Short Snorter Club
The Short Snorter Project
My 1937 Russia 3 chervontsa
short snorter was signed by 5
WWII veterans on 8.11.2007.
Collect the signatures of
at least 5 veterans
of World War II or
the Korean War on a
banknote from that
era and submit for
inclusion in the
Short Snorter Club Registry.
Each banknote in the
Registry receives a
dedicated web page!
Each Silver Certificate comes with a
Short Snorter Club membership card!
A great way to start a conversation with
a family friend, veteran, or relative....
"Reminds me of a
formation of B-17s..."